Giovanni Gaudelli – Collaborator and Executive coach

Giovanni Gaudelli is a sought-after dynamic keynote and motivational speaker, a certified professional Co-Active Coach® and a consultant. He brings more than 25 years of business acumen and people-centric leadership to a wide variety of businesses, organizations and public sector institutions. His flagship motivational conference is a transformative experience that enhances people’s ability to feel empowered and motivated, and fosters strong team building, service excellence and engaging leadership skills. Giovanni graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and a Diploma in Education from McGill University. He is certified in a number of psychometric instruments. An English high school teacher early in his career, Giovanni’s dynamic approach remarkably increased the students’ learning abilities. Seeking a new challenge, he then started working for the London Life Insurance Company and was rapidly promoted to assistant-manager. His leadership and coaching techniques prompted excellent results and he went on to manage a London Life regional center. Under his leadership, the center became the “model” financial center in terms of recruiting, training and management. In 1998, he acquired a SFL-Desjardins Financial Security franchise where he maintained superior staff loyalty, engagement and performance up to the sale of his business in 2010. Since 1995, parallel to his business career, Giovanni has delivered keynote presentations in English and French to many Canadian government departments and has been a regular guest speaker during Service Canada College training sessions. Through personal and group coaching, Giovanni also helps individuals develop winning attitudes and beliefs that support them in achieving their goals. His work inspires people to feel confident, engaged and passionate about their life and career, leading them to perform at their best.