Executive Workshop Series

Designed for today’s leaders, this series of workshops will provide you with information on topics that will contribute to your continuous learning.  These one-day workshops are designed to maximize learning on topics that range from effective feedback to political awareness. They are delivered by senior facilitators and subject matter experts.


The EXECUTIVE WORKSHOP SERIES offers executives an opportunity to manage the learning path that suits their development needs. The 1-day workshop series of courses are designed to appeal to busy executives who cannot be away from the office for lengthy periods of time.



This one-day session will provide up to date information on the history and the evolving nature of this complex file. Learn through discussions with expert guests in the field and share with colleagues from other departments lessons learned and best practices.

Participants in this workshop will better understand:

  • The history and context that have affected the indigenous file over the years.
  • The legal framework that overarches all indigenous programming.
  • The rational behind the evolution into all of government programming.
  • The government of Canada’s expected outcome of government wide programming.


This one-day session will help you develop your feedback skills, enhance trust and increase the impact of your conversations and… avoid a minefield caused by poor communication. Understand what makes a difficult conversation difficult, learn about yourself as a feedback giver, understand your pressure points and challenges, learn how to create motivating conversations that trigger action.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Enhance their skills in performance feedback
  • Acquire tools to approach difficult conversations
  • Practice techniques help to give honest feedback without alienating a relationship


Insights is a modern, well researched and pragmatic approach to personality types. It provides a pragmatic and useful approach for understanding yourself and others. Workshops based on Insights Discovery are highly effective for team building and team effectiveness. We recommend this workshop to managers who work in an environment that already uses Insights Discovery, but have not personally had the opportunity to do it themselves.

Participants to this workshop will:

  • Increase self-awareness of the impact that their interpersonal working style has on others such as team members, clients and stakeholders;
  • Better understand the similarities and differences in styles and operating practices, and the impact of personality on the perceptions of others;
  • Increase their ability to identify and appreciate other people’s unique strengths and understand how each contribute to the team’s collective success; 
  • Improve skills that will help identify preferences in others, and adapt approaches to increase relationship effectiveness;


Project Management and Change Management are essential skills for today ever changing environment. Learn the essentials through this primer that will give you an overview of Project Management and Change Management. Learn the critical points, the important questions to ask and the key aspects that should be brought to your attention. Ensure the success of your projects through a methodical and rigorous approach to managing them.

Participants to this workshop will:

  • Understand better each step of the project lifecycle and the key risks associated to them.
  • Understand the elements that a well planned project must include and what to expect in progress reports.
  • Understand the key elements of Change Management
  • Understand how they can support their teams through a transition.


This one-day workshop is specifically designed for leaders who are interested in exploring what LEAN is, and what LEAN Leaders do to maximize their impact. Facilitated by a recognized expert with one of the most successful track records in LEAN for Government in Canada, this workshop will help you decide if LEAN is for your organization and how to get started. You will explore a number of LEAN leadership practices that you can adopt to increase your impact when you get back to the office. This workshop includes a simulation and exercises to experiment with LEAN concepts and to identify new behaviours and tips for participants to increase their effectiveness as leaders

Participants to this workshop will:

  • Learn more about how LEAN can be applied in Government
  • Learn ways of helping their team get more done in less time, while engaging them in their work
  • Understand how to create space for their team to improve and how to mentor their people to continue the improvement


Elected officials understand instinctively the needs of citizens and are aware of the bureaucratic processes. Public servants have in depth understanding of bureaucratic process and are aware of the needs of citizens. In principle, these two perspectives should work hand in hand to provide the best possible solution to citizens. However, the reality is that it is a relationship that can be bumpy at times!

Participants to this workshop will:

  • Learn from a former elected official their expectations and their views of the Public Service.
  • Learn from a former Senior Public Servant the approach they used to develop a meaningful relationship with their Minister and Minister’s office.
  • Discuss the key challenges and strategies to ensure that the Canadian public obtain the best outcomes from this relationship.

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