Indigenous Leadership Program: Identity – Pride – Excellence!

Indigenous Leadership Programs

This ten-month program for indigenous employees of the Federal Public Service with high potential to occupy management positions. The program was specifically designed from an indigenous culture starting point and aims at accelerating growth and skills to equip participants to reach management level positions shortly after their participation. Facilitated by two experienced former senior leaders, one of which is a member of the Abenaki First Nation, the program includes many self-discovery tools, guest speakers, access to elders, site visit, mentoring, action learning groups as well as innovative learning tools.

Are You

  • An indigenous Federal Public Service employee?
  • Experienced in supervisory roles (asset)?
  • At the EX minus 4 to EX minus 2 level?
  • Considering a sustained career in the Federal Public Service?


The challenge faced by many Indigenous employees is that most leadership and management programs attempt to mold the participant into an Eurocentric model of Leadership.

This program seeks to place the participant and his/her indigenous world view at the center of the learning process. Indigenous perspectives are based on the distinct world view of the Indigenous Cultures.

Participants in this program will explore some of the best practices in leadership and employee engagement while linking those ideologies with the medicine wheel and traditional wisdom and insight.

Divided in four modules over 12 months, the learning will include both technical knowledge, (such as fundamental government structures, political/public service interface, fundamentals of HR management) and behavioral learning (engaging people, giving effective feedback, leading in a change context). It will also include practical information that will help participants build their networks, understand the selection and promotion systems in the Public Service and how to be better prepared to participate.

The program will leverage indigenous resources and facilities to create a more meaningful learning journey. Participants will have access to an elder and will be supported to find and develop a mentoring relationship.


Time: 8:30 – 16:30
Location: Edmonton, Ottawa, Halifax (fall 2018), Québec (Jan 2019)
Event Type: Leadership Program


  • Module #1. November 6-8, 2018
  • Module #2. January 8-10, 2019
  • Module #3. April 2-4, 2019
  • Module #4. June 11-13, 2019