Leading Teams in the Science World


  • A new or emerging leader in the S&T world looking to enhance your skills?
  • Looking for tools and approaches to face current team challenges?
  • Considering ways to enhance motivation and performance?

This three-days session is specifically designed for team managers active in science-based organizations. Learn about the specifics of leading teams of scientists, the challenge of being an S&T manager in Government and the complexity of working with both S&T and Public Sector values. Facilitated by two experienced leaders in S&T organizations, this workshop will help you lead teams through change, use effective feedback approaches to enhance performance and deal with conflicts arising in the context of scientific work.

Science leaders manage people!

The challenge of leading in science-based organizations is not a technical challenge; it is one of leading highly trained, highly skilled professionals to individual and group success in their own field. However, in the Public Sector, science success is defined differently than it may be in academia.

This three-day highly interactive workshop, facilitated by experienced leaders in science-based organizations, will allow you to discuss challenges to science-based teams. Through exercises and simulations, you will also develop your skills and master approaches to boost your effectiveness and your success as a team leader.

What you will learn

At the end of this workshop you should:

  1. Understand how to step up from being a science leader to leading scientists;
  2. Master concrete skills to lead effectively a team through change;
  3. Master a pragmatic approach to give feedback and enhance performance without alienating relationships;
  4. Understand how to motivate and manage performance in the S&T context.


Your facilitators, Omer Boudreau and Geoff Munro, are both former Assistant-Deputy Ministers in science-based departments and have extensive experience in leading teams in the science world.