Leading Transitions

This celebrated course from the internationally renowned Center for Creative Leadership is now available through a partnership between the Institute on Governance and Lead Action Training.

You are good at the planning, costing and project management of transition and change management initiatives. Why then do 70% of change and transition exercises fail? Quite simply put, it is the human dynamic. People, not planning, make change successful. Understanding the human factor is the single most important element in leading a transformative exercise. Without this, you could become one of the 70%.

Leading Transition is a powerful leadership development experience that will completely change how you see human dynamics at play that directly affect the success of a change initiative. You will learn how to be the most effective leader in your organization during a time of change and transition.

Who should participate in this course?

Executives who want successfully lead their teams through transformation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how you and others react to a significant change.
  2. Learn about yourself as a leader through a range of state of the art tools, including a 360-degree feedback exercise.
  3. Increase your effectiveness as a leader during times of change and transformation.

Course Schedule
Time: 8:30 to 16:30
Location: 60 George Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Event Type: Bootcamp
Course Fee: The cost of this course is $3950 (No HST) per person. The price includes facilitation, dinner, lunches and course materials.
This course is offered in cooperation with the Institute on Governance.