Mature Leadership

Mature Leadership

Leading in the Public Sector is not what it used to be. Teams are increasingly diverse, often virtual, and employees are very mobile. Tax payers and political leaders expect nothing short of stellar performance. Technology and social media are changing the pace and way information is acquired, processed, analyzed and distributed.  More than ever, time is at a premium. For today’s executive, leadership must go well beyond theory into practical and effective skills, practices and behaviours. What do you need to be successful in this world?

Are You

  • An experienced Executive at the EX-01 to EX-03 level?
  • Looking for a flexible and modern program?
  • Looking to hone your leadership skills based on practical experience?
  • Looking to compare notes and share with other experienced leaders?

Designed for today’s executives:

Lead Action consulted senior leaders and on what they expect of EX-01s to EX-03s. We asked current professional coaches about the common challenges facing executives. We compared 360-feedback group data on 4000 Public Service executives with international benchmarks. From this information, we have identified the current needs in order to offer you a leadership program that is modern, flexible and pragmatic, facilitated by experienced executives and focussed on results.

Participants in this program will access leading-edge learning tools and self-awareness instruments strongly anchored in research and never offered before to the Public Sector.

Working with your mentor, you will select the one-day learning modules that correspond to your exact needs. Topics include: Working with Minister’s office, Understanding the Indigenous File, Managing Conflicts, LEAN for Executives, Effective Feedback and Difficult Conversations, Leading Projects and Change, Executives and Technology.

This program, delivered over a 12-month period, includes a 3-days opening session, facilitated by a former associate-DM, selected one-day modules that correspond to your specific needs, action-learning groups where you can share with your peers, one-on-one mentoring with former ADM/DM level executives and a study tour.

We are invested in your success

Mature leaders are the backbone that keep the public service operating through challenges and changes. Their discretionary time is limited, learning must be impactful and effective. We offer you a modular, customized program. Furthermore, if the program does not address all your needs, our extensive network enables us to connect you with the appropriate resources that will provide you with the support you need.


Time: 8:30 – 16:30
Location: 240 Bank st. suite 501, Ottawa
Event Type: Leadership Program

Program Key Dates

  • Opening session: October 16-18, 2018
  • Choice of modules offered monthly (monthly Scheduled TBA)
  • Study tour: June 11-13, 2019
  • Closing module: October 8-10, 2019
  • Meeting with your mentor are arranged according to your mutual schedules
Mature Leadership Experienced EX-01 to EX-03 15 days over 12 months October 16, 2018 240 Bank, suite 501 $15,900 over two fiscal years Register