Supporting Change


  • An aspiring supervisor looking for tactics on how to handle change?
  • A seasoned supervisor or manager looking for additional tools?
  • A new supervisor or manager looking for tips on how to lead a team through change?

Designed for today’s leaders, and based on global award winning material from VitalLearning™, this proven classroom course will help you develop critical leadership skills using highly interactive approaches. Learn by using short scenarios to apply skills in practice and develop confidence. Watch positive models in classrooms and videos, and practice using role play. Reinforce your skills through a mobile app that will help you practice and improve over several months.

Better understanding leads to success! Manage change productively!

Part of the Leadership Essentials Skills series from VitalLearning™, this course provides team leaders with tools to understand how people respond to change and how to best support your team members. Specifically, the participants will learn to:

  1. Understand the phases of change and what to expect in each phase.
    Identify the common reactions to change and strategies to best handle them.
  2. Involve team members in the change initiative by promoting their understanding and ownership of the change and its benefits.
  3. Ensure that you have addressed team members concerns, questions and reactions to change.
  4. Use the Supporting Change Skill Points to plan and conduct a meeting with your team members.

A complete development suite!

This course is offered to you through various delivery channels:

  1. Classroom delivery (1 day), for optimal opportunities to practice, interact and develop skills.
  2. Online e-Learning, using award-winning, using bite-sized modules of 7-10 minutes, short scenarios and interactive approach to developing confidence with key concepts. (e-learning modules are SCORM Compliant and optimized for every device)
  3. Blended Learning, for optimal use of time and for maximum retention. Blended learning includes both an e-learning portion and focussed classroom interaction.
  4. Skills Reinforcement, included with both classroom and online approaches, this mobile app helps participants remember, practice and deepen their skills.