Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. The importance of Emotional Intelligence has risen over the last few years as it has been demonstrated to be a key indicator and predictor of human performance and development potential. Assessing and evaluating emotional intelligence complements other assessment tools and help establish development strategies and programs that can lead to direct increases in the person’s performance as a leader.

Know Thyself-EQ-i Emotional Quotient Inventory

Lead Action, in partnership with ESSI Systems Inc., a renowned industry leader, is now offering this enriching assessment that will let you truly understand the Greek proverb Know Thyself.

  1. Leading assessment on emotional intelligence, designed for supervisors, managers and executives.
  2. Emotional intelligence measures key emotional skills that are directly correlated to your success as a leader.
  3. Harness your new self-knowledge with the help of specialized coaches, as well as report designed to help you interpret and implement effective change.


Fees: $400/participant, including test and debrief with certified debriefer
Group fees available, contact us for more information.

Customized Services

We understand that your organization is like no other. You have unique challenges and unique needs. We can support your organizational learning by providing you with customized courses, workshops and group activities, We can also help you assess your organizational leadership strengths and areas for development and their alignment to your unique success factors. We can support your own internal Leadership Development program by supplementing them with key activities, material, content or assessments.

  • 360-degree feedback customized to your unique leadership competencies profiles

  • Insights Discovery team building workshops

  • Change Management workshop and advisory services

  • Executive Coaching