Executive Coaching Services

Business Executive Development Program

When you need advice, you need a mentor. But when you need to feel empowered to solve a problem, you need a coach!

When you listen to someone, you become better informed. When you do it, you become more skilled.

When you need to work on something, you can get an advice from someone with experience, someone whom you have respect for. This person will likely give you their best advice, taking in consideration your situation. However, that advice is given to you from their perspective, given the skills and the experience that they have. Mentoring is very important, very insightful and inspiring. An experienced executive coach will use a different process. They will help you dig in your own experience, knowledge and skills to help you find a way forward using an approach that you own and that you feel capable of implementing. This is why coaching can get you unstuck from situations in ways you never thought of and will help you develop skills that you will own and will be applied in different situations. We offer you coaching conversations, a one time “get unstuck” conversation, or a coaching program, a longer term relationship with a coach. This service is offered to you in both official languages.


Get in touch with us at 613-562-9262 or at francois@lead-action.ca to arrange for specialized coaching sessions. The cost is $290 per one hour session.
This service is available anytime and is personalized to you.

Customized Services

We understand that your organization is like no other. You have unique challenges and unique needs. We can support your organizational learning by providing you with customized courses, workshops and group activities, We can also help you assess your organizational leadership strengths and areas for development and their alignment to your unique success factors. We can support your own internal Leadership Development program by supplementing them with key activities, material, content or assessments.

  • 360-degree feedback customized to your unique leadership competencies profiles

  • Insights Discovery team building workshops

  • Change Management workshop and advisory services

  • Executive Coaching