I can only control what I know. I am under the control of what I don’t know.

Rooted in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and with continually validated and refined research, Insights Discovery presents a simple yet very powerful model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. Useful for your self-awareness as a leader, the full power of the tool also lies in its approach to communicate and effectively influence people with various preferences as different as they may be from yours. Insights Discovery workshop are fun, insightful and extremely powerful. Lead Action is a proud distributer and certified practitioner of the Insights Discovery tools and products.

  1. Learn your own styles and preference and how they influence your interactions with others.
  2. Learn how to understand other people’s preference and how to increase your communication effectiveness and influence.
  3. Understand the preferences of the members of your team, how to use them as an asset and how to overcome the blind spots.

Lead Action can offer your organization customized workshop as well as personalized Insights Discovery profile in the language of the participant’s choice.

Customized Services

We understand that your organization is like no other. You have unique challenges and unique needs. We can support your organizational learning by providing you with customized courses, workshops and group activities, We can also help you assess your organizational leadership strengths and areas for development and their alignment to your unique success factors. We can support your own internal Leadership Development program by supplementing them with key activities, material, content or assessments.

  • 360-degree feedback customized to your unique leadership competencies profiles

  • Insights Discovery team building workshops

  • Change Management workshop and advisory services

  • Executive Coaching