e-Learning for Leadership Development

Leadership Development Training

We know how busy managers are. We know that some of you can not travel easily to get to training centers. We also know that budgets are shrinking. Finally, we understand how much you could start to find the long time after three days of training, sitting down to work on the same point. If you have recognized yourself in one of its claims, online training is for you!

Learn from your desktop and apply directly!

The development of Leadership is a matter of behavior, and more specifically of our behavior with others and of our interventions as a leader in the behavior of others. The least we can say is that it is not always easy to find one’s way! And sometimes we get stuck. Online training is an ideal tool to stimulate personal reflection and inspiration in the face of leadership challenges, and allow you to practice by putting this thinking into practice. You do not need to move, you do not have to wait, everything is at your fingertips, totally interactive and designed to cause constructive thoughts. Learn more about common leadership challenges, such as conflict management, developing influence,

  1. Available from your desktop when you need it.
  2. This is a personalized self-study. You do not need to listen to the entire module before you take action, and you can resume at any point where you stopped.
  3. You can choose to use the online part, use a lesson plan or join a group of students for easier discussion.
  4. Access more than 13 online learning modules, and nearly 130 pre-registered seminars on topics such as Communicating Up, Motivating and Engaging, Resolving Conflicts, Delegating and many others.


Available at any time! After registration, receive an access code to be used to connect to the e-learning website. Accesses are valid for one year, and are renewable at a reduced price. Reductions are possible for groups, and for the control of several modules. The modules are currently only available in English.


Customized Services

We understand that your organization is like no other. You have unique challenges and unique needs. We can support your organizational learning by providing you with customized courses, workshops and group activities, We can also help you assess your organizational leadership strengths and areas for development and their alignment to your unique success factors. We can support your own internal Leadership Development program by supplementing them with key activities, material, content or assessments.

  • 360-degree feedback customized to your unique leadership competencies profiles

  • Insights Discovery team building workshops

  • Change Management workshop and advisory services

  • Executive Coaching